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    The perfect Palentine's shows

    Don’t let the couples get you down this Valentine's Day. It didn’t bother Elle Woods, it didn’t bother Velma Kelly, and it shouldn’t bother you! In fact, we’re grateful not to be involved in the romantic side of Valentines, we managed to kill a cactus, so we don’t think a rose will fair long in our house, and as for the cuddly toys they bring out (we’ve seen sloths, turtles and a highland cow in the shops) they wouldn’t go with our décor (which is mainly theatre posters and programs, if we’re being honest). That’s not to say we’re against love, far from it! We are 100% here for our friends, our family and ourselves, which is why we’ve handpicked the very best shows that showcase a different kind of love. From mother-daughter relationships to friendship goals, we have something for everyone.  

    Six The Musical

    You thought you had a dodgy ex? Meet the six wives of Henry VIII! From Tudor queens to pop princesses, these Royal-ing Stones are remixing the past to give you one hell of a Valentines present.

    Showcasing the power of the sisterhood, this punchy 75-minute musical is crammed full of ballads, raps, and neon ruffs. Turning five hundred years of heartbreak into a feel-good celebration of 21st century girl power, Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anna of Cleves, Katherine Howard, and Catherine Parr tell their stories in an atypical fashion. The ex-wives have formed a girl group and are about to reign on Henrys parade.

    Championing self-worth and healthy, platonic relationships, there's no doubt about it, these Queens rule!



    Feel the warmth and magic of Kalokairi, an idyllic Greek island, as you lose yourself in the iconic music of ABBA. It’s the classic story of girl meets boy, meets boy, meets boy, then has a daughter who grows up and invites them all to her wedding! MAMMA MIA: I Have a Dream winners, Stevie Doc and Tobias Turley, star as the engaged couple, Sophie and Sky, with West End legend Mazz Murray continuing her role as Donna.

    Since its West End premier in 1999, the sunny smash-hit has become a global phenomenon and has captured the hearts of millions around the globe. The ultimate feel-good musical celebrates the universal themes of friendships and (slightly complicated) family ties and has one of the best scores in the West End. Featuring the very best hits from the Swedish supergroup, including Take a Chance on Me, Dancing Queen, and Waterloo, you’ll be screaming Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie a ticket. Because my, my, how can you resist MAMMA MIA! on Valentine’s Day!


    The Choir of Man

    Fancy a wild night out filled with beer, banter, and absolute bangers? Welcome to The Jungle!

    The Jungle is the local boozer for best friends The Poet, The Maestro, The Handyman, The Beast, The Hardman, The Barman, The Romantic, The Pub Bore and The Joker. (What are the chances that nine best friends all share their first name, ‘The’?!) Putting male friendships centre stage, The Choir of Man are a supportive and emotionally open group of guys, that all look out for (and take the mick out of) each other.

    Featuring pop hits from Katy Perry, Sia and Avicci, not only is the musical set in a pub, but it also has real working taps! The cast regularly pull pints from behind the bar and dish them out to the audience. Some lucky patrons may even get to quench their thirst live on stage in The Jungle itself! A Valentines spent with pints and pals? We’ll say cheers to that!


    Magic Mike Live

    What better way to spend a night out with your best friends than at the critically acclaimed show, based on the hottest Channing Tatum film (and that’s saying something!)

    The 2012 film, loosely based on Tatum's life, tells the story of a budding 19-year-old who embarks on a journey to become a male stripper. Magic Mike Live sees audiences enter the legendary Club Domina where a series of sensual stripteases and dirty dance routines take centre stage…

    It may be nippy outside, but it’s guaranteed to be hot (and a bit nippy, the guys are shirtless after all)  in the Hippodrome. Featuring killer choreography, slick stunts, and an extraordinary cast of talented performers. Magic Mike Live is set in a custom-built space created just for the show, so you can get a cheeky 360 display to admire every each of the casts… dance moves. Just like their tops, these tickets won’t hang around forever, so you’ll have to book quickly to make this Valentines one you’ll never forget.


    The Book of Mormon

    If you’re looking for something a little sinful to get you hot under the (starch stained white) collar, then say Hello to the hilarious comedy from South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone!

    While romance features in the show, the relationship we’re most invested in is between two young Mormon missionaries, Elder Price and Elder Cunningham. Like most duos, opposites usually attract, and though they have a rocky start to their relationship, Price and Cunningham soon follow suit.

    The young Mormons relationship evolves from an initial friction to mutual respect and ultimately to full-on friendship. With the previously egotistical and self-centred Price literally singing the praises of his best friend at the end. The pair learn from each other and come to appreciate each other's strengths and weaknesses, forming the emotional heart of the show. It’s also really funny.  Get ready to giggle (and occasionally gasp) at this Tony award winning show.

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